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Welcome to Perth Addiction Services

Addiction is a strong, uncontrollable need to take drugs, to smoking, drink alcohol or carry out a particular activity such as gambling and watching pornography.
It becomes the most important thing in your life and leads to problems at home, work and school. There's no single reason why addictions develop.
You're more at risk of developing an addiction if:

  • other members of your family have addiction problems
  • you experienced stress or abuse while growing up
  • you have mental health problems

From enjoyment to addiction

Many people regularly use addictive substances or engage in potentially addictive activities, such as gambling or sex, without having major problems.
However, in some people it can cause damaging physical and psychological effects, as their behaviour becomes more frequent and intense and turns into an addiction. This occurs as a result of chemical changes in the brain.
If you carry on using the substance or engaging in the behaviour, your brain and body become tolerant and you need more drugs or to spend more time on the behaviour to get the same effect. What started out as something you can control develops into an uncontrollable need or addiction.

If you or someone you care about is being harmed by substance misuse or abuse please calls us TODAY.